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  1. While her earlier song "Axl Rose Husband" is about her teenage crush on Axl, "Bel Air" is about their tryst, after they met in 2012. "Bel Air" does not refer to the posh neighborhood, but to Axl’s Chevrolet Bel Air. He used to take Lana on rides in Malibu, cruising in his oldtimer. There are palm trees on the roadside leading to Axl’s mansion and as you enter the gates you’re greeted first by gargoyle statues. She had no problem with making their relationship public, while he wanted to keep it private and so she wrote this song for him, to express her bliss with him, hence the obvious references to his public persona "bad baby", "idol of roses, iconic soul", his songs "Sweet child o’mine", his famous Bob Dylan cover "heaven’s door", "lead me to w.a.r." – acronym for William Axl Rose and the piano intro was inspired by the sound of raindrops falling as a homage to Axl’s masterpiece "November Rain".

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