Revelation Song – Guitar Cover & Tutorial w/ solo (Passion / Kari Jobe)


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  1. Hey! tus videos recientes estan bloqueados! No se pueden ver 😔 pude ver tus videos anteriores y estan muy bien! Dios te bendiga y te siga usando para enseñar cansiónes! Bendiciones! 👍😊🎸🎵

  2. + Pedro Estrada

    The chord progression is D – A – C – G. I believe the A is actually an Am7, but I play inverted power chords for each of them:

    D A C G

  3. Pedro Estrada

    It's a little confusing, because it "feels" like the song is in the Key of D, but there is no C chord in a progression in the Key of D.

    I believe the song actually is in D Mixolydian mode (not D Major): the notes and chords of G Major, but tonally centered around D — the fifth scale degree of G major — as the root.

    For example, the solo begins using the notes of the G major scale, but with D as the root: aka D Mixolydian mode. To make it more confusing, the solo jumps keys half way through, and goes from D Mixolydian (G major scale notes, but with D as the tonal center/root), to G Mixolydian (C major scale notes, but with G as the tonal center/root).

    I am more than a bit out of my league trying to explain modes – or even understand them 🙂 – but there are some great YouTube videos explaining them.

  4. Perfect! I have a timeline in a big sky so that all makes perfect sense to me! Thanks bro. Hey do you ever swap presets? I’ve got a bunch of stuff that I bought from Jeffrey Kunde he and Michael pope, plus a lot of my own stuff

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