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  1. Beyonce's inspiration is from the king of pop he makes beyonce want to be a famous singer and look what she became a powerful woman and she has a daughter, she's married and riri looks like she's just sexual so bey won

  2. Sorry but beyonce been here long negra than Rihanna, both women are good so stop comparing. Imagine if they did a collab with nicki minaj?

    All of them would shake Atlantic records messy ass. How bout we uplift women for a change and respect people’s opinions?

  3. looks: beyoncé
    voice/singing skills: beyoncé
    sales: rihanna
    hits: rihanna
    dancing: beyoncé
    fashion: rihanna
    tours: beyoncé
    awards: beyoncé
    followers: beyoncé
    performances: beyoncé
    popularity: beyoncé
    power: beyoncé
    winner: beyoncé

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