Robin Thicke – Get Her Back


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  1. I think he's still love her and always will but what's done is done he learned his lesson I'm glad to see him on the new show and I hope he gets his career back that's why they're fighting over that baby they still got unfinished business he has anyway

  2. He loved her and there will never be a more beautiful lovely woman like Paula Patten. He messed up when he went south with the blurred lines album. And the other song and then there's Cyrus who was rubbing all over him at the VMA awards anyone remember that disgusting show?? He cheated on her.. Idc how he could do that he had it all with Paula he also started drinking heavily. Such a shame people can't can't behave when they have everything. Ya see I did to so I started playing around and messed up the best thing in my life. 😢

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