Rockabilly – Fast Eddie – PtVII – Elvis That’s Alright Mama


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  1. Hi Fast Eddie:

    Love your stuff – great technique. In the beginning after playing the barred A, you do a run-up on the E to open A, its the next part I get lost in – could you break that down? It sounds great…thanx

  2. Wow-Just found you Fast Eddie-I've been playing for years but I've learned so much from your vids on here…never been able to play rockabilly before but now I'm learning!
    Thanks mate!Best wishes.

  3. One day I hope to play as good as you, and with you being generous with your time and posting some great lessons, I may just be in with a chance.

    Thanks so much, it's always a pleasure to see your video's.

  4. That was great – well played, nice sound, and very easy to follow as a lesson, too. I can't help mentioning that you remind me a little of Brett Favre, and I had to laugh at the weird image of Brett sitting at home learning rockabilly guitar now that he's retired. Hope you don't mind me saying that. Anyway, thanks very much for posting this.

  5. That's All Right is great and so is your guitar sound. You did really good. This is the 1st Elvis song I recorded back in February. I've now done 10 Elvis songs with plans of doing at least 60 more. I sing & play bass guitar at the same time. I rock, dance & have a lot of fun. So do other people when they watch me. I even did the guitar solo on my bass in this song. I TCB. Take care.

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