Rockabilly Licks – Fast Eddie – Pt1 Blue Suede Shoes


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  1. dude i'm all about the blues (and more with my current love life), but i also play the guitar, and in this day and age when most everything is prefabricated, a nice riff from any genre pumps my blood. Good music makes me squeal.

  2. I'm 16 and i love rockabilly. The simplisity of it is so amazing,and yet when you hear it it sounds like a big band. I love playing guitar the old way. Every time i hear that music it sends chills down my spine even though i've heard it a million times. Great job

  3. You are really good. I would like some rockabilly music for a 1950's short film I am getting ready for festivals. Would you be interested in recording an original solo for it?

    It would be for film credit only since it is a LOW budget film. But your name would get out there among the film community. I love your stuff and I listened to it up against my film and it is the perfect style.

  4. I interpret the solo to be phrased as if playing A minor pentatonic shape using the shape as the basis for the double stop technique (think Chuck Berry). Bassline follows the chords in standard rockabilly style. For more chord info check out some of my other vids

  5. @killerdiller69 . This guitar is a japanese hondo. The bigsby is authentic USA and was fitted by myself. I have just purchased a chinese epiphone casino with P90's on. I have moved the bigsby shown here over to the new casino.

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