Samba e Amor (Brazilian song)


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  1. @elenilsoncrash I know it. But calling one of ours greatest cultural creations "Brazilian Jazz" is taking out all the credits of the composers by infering that Bossa Nova is just a variation of the prestigious american jazz.
    And it`s quite common people do the same with the "cuban jazz".

  2. So Great Luie, I watch your videos since 2011, so never saw this one before, liked very very much… I'm Brazilian native and agreed LucasBug, you sing very nice in our language for an non native…
    If anytime you want to sing another Brazilian song, I could help maybe correcting the pronounce of some words… 😀

  3. e o nosso destino! casa comigo, Jane!! 🙂 I just saw Bebel Gilberto recently, and love her version. You guys should do a duet. Your portuguese accent is pretty darn good!

  4. This music is so perfect it seems impossible that someone from this world could even make it alone without some kind of supernatural help… Not only the melody, but specially the lyrics are just so beatiful… Great cover. Greatings from Brazil.

  5. here's a brazilian speaking: your portuguese is amazing and you captured the spirit of bossa nova perfectly! your talent and musical feeling it's truly uncanny when you think about it, because you not only sound beautiful but you sang a song from another culture and doesn't sound like you are "usurping" anything, it doesn't sound fake. you're awesome and i'm impressed.

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