San Francisco – Scott McKenzie


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  1. The hippie movement was a product of the Soviet Union's cultural revolution propaganda program against America. It was designed to break down American society on a moral and cultural basis so that America would fail to compete with Russia and could be beaten militarily. Even though the Soviet Union has long gone, their propaganda efforts have taken root throughout American, and now wider Western society and have metastasized into the endless Leftist dogmas that we are being destroyed by today: The normalization of drug-use, the normalization of sexual immorality, the normalization of LGBTQIIOPXYZ degeneracy, the breakdown of the family unit, Feminism and the agitation of women to abandon femininity and female roles, the agitation of non-whites within white countries and attacks on Caucasian identity and legitimacy, open border mass immigration and multiculturalism, attacks on free speech and political expression- These are all products rooted in the same cancer that was injected into our society 60 years ago with the purpose of rendering our society unsustainable.

  2. I haven't been to San Francisco in about 9 or 10 years. I remember it being still pretty decent, then. I was 16 and my family went every summer, back then. It was still pretty (in some places, I know, relax 🙄) and I remember walking down this one street at night, and it was full of artists selling their wares, and this song came on, and everyone looked up and smiled at each other and a few people were singing. It was a really beautiful moment, like a flashback to when this was written.

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