“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift – Songwriter’s Tutorial, from the TonalTrends.com Syncs Vlog


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  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you with Taylor's pre choruses. They're the only reason why I listen to her songs, I never feel satisfied by her choruses because her pre choruses are so good. My friends think I'm insane because I always gush about this. Nice to find someone I can finally relate to

  2. This song messes with my brain because until the horn arrangements come in I hear this as A minor. Mostly because the G riff has an F natural in it. How do you deal with that, consciously, thinking of it in G major?

  3. This is the most hilarious, intelligent, and witty explanation of a pop song I've ever seen. You have clearly studied music theory intensively. I am somehow laughing every 30 seconds while agreeing with your SPOT ON musical analysis. Bravo, man.

  4. Afaik this song uses a (well-known) I – ii – IV – I (1241) chord progression.
    There have been other 'catchy', famous songs which used 1241 before: e.g. 4 Non Blondes – 'What's Up', also several more old songs.
    Although 1241 is not used as often in pop songs, as it is the case for the 1564 family of tunes (4-Axis Chords), '1241' is still a well-known and notorious chord progression in pop, and we're certainly gonna have to listen to it in several more 'hits' of the future <

  5. phenomenal video man. i make similar videos but with a production focus rather than music theory. i've always wondered, how conscious do you think these artists and producers are with these intricacies of avoiding the leading tones, call response, ending on the root of the parallel minor, etc.?

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