Shake it off SIGN LANGUAGE version (Taylor Swift Sign cover)


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  1. It's like singing … everyone Annunciates words in their own ways and dialects to match the needs of the song and the rhythm. My niece is 13. After I took a college level ASL class, she took my book, youtube, Lifeprint and anything else she could find and taught herself ASL. She also sings and we think she needs to sing and sign her next song at her talent show. This is an excellent example of how she needs her stage presence to be. Thank you for creating this video and thank you for being a teacher of ASL! You are priceless!

  2. As an interpreter myself, I love your context and artistic freedom!!! I've seen this signed by a few people who appear to be self taught, as they have no idea of context, but appear to be using SEE sign. There's such a huge difference between interpreting music and a speaker. Keep rocking it!!!

  3. This was so much fun, and I loved how you utilized ASL phrasing instead of relying on trying to interpret Engish idioms. Way to go for your courage in putting this out their for your students. Some Interpreters can be snooty bunches of high and mighty elitists! Hugs! 💕🎶

  4. I am a part of the creative signing ministry for our church, and I love the beauty of ASL. I would love to learn it outside of signing it at church and use it more of a way to communicate. Awesome videos by the way!

  5. i work for ARC Thrift Stores here in Colorado. They help people here in Colorado with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They hold classes for those they hire with disabilities. Today's class was about ASL.We watched this video. (i am hearing.) but i think it would be cool to be able to sign a for once (considering I can't sing at all memorize lyrics yes but non the less.) I think it would be awesome to try to learn heathens by 21 pilots (we do karaoke stuff once in awhile.) was curious if you could do a tutorial or something on how to sign that particular song. enjoyed this video by the way.

  6. Hi! 🙂 Maybe this is a bit random, but I am trying to learn ASL. The problem is that I am living in Germany, therefor I could only do it on the internet so far, but I would love to learn in a class with real people as well by visiting the US in my vacation. The problem with that: is that I can´t really find a lot of offers for compact classes in a short amount of time, so I was wondering if you might have an idea or recommendation for me? Otherwise I was also thinking about looking for a deaf family/ person where I could live for a few weeks in exchange for helping with whatever help is needed for and just learn/improve by doing. If you (or anyone else reading this) has any ideas or knows someone who might be up for that please let me know! I would really appreciate that! Thanks so much 🙂

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