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  1. From now on, I will upload montly mixes. One song each, including instrumental. Thank you guys for (almost) 1k subscribers and all the support. Enjoy this mix. 🙂
    I will soon upload the description with a download link to the .wav file.

  2. I waited for you. Because they were not satisfied with workmanship, I seemed to delete your work, but Immortal remix and the Al Capone version were splendid! I want to listen to it again sometime.I always show respect for the love to the King of pop that you have at any time. The saving grace of God.

  3. I think I'm definitely in Love !!! This is one of the best smooth criminal mixes to this day, this is really really good ! Also, I Absolutely love the back and forth between Michael and the Harmonies in the first chorus ! Keep up the excellent work and Thank You So Much !

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