Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato – Pomplamoose


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  1. I'd like to offer up a musical challenge to all of you ( only if the song interests you)! Here goes…a group from the 1970s called Dr. Buzzard's Savannah Band recorded some fun music. Among their songs they recorded a ballad, HARD TIMES. It's a good one, BUT it has a flaw–the ending. Queen Latiffa (spelling?) also recorded it with no improved ending. Listen to it, then try to solve the ending problem. Sure they're will be those who may disagree with me. But should you agree that the ending ought to be better, there's the challenge…How would you do it? I think your group makes a lot of good stylistic choices. The other day I heard HARD TIMES again and I immediately thought of you guys.

  2. for every song in the entire video collection, this is an amazing celebration of musicianship, on top of being just great in general. AND one of the most amazing things is what's happening with that fender rhodes. it's an instrument that once seemed very niche, but it just triumphs here. subtle, then powerful, then crisper and more rhythmic than i ever would expect. What a great surprise! wow.

  3. Somehow this song bumps your music to another level for me. You are my favorite group. Love the format of a one-take live performance. I feel the energy and emotion, and it moves me. Thanks for the hard work and commitment, it shows.

  4. I love this version so much! The original is also amazing. It's not just a trashy pop song, Demi wrote it to all of her haters throughout her life who constantly bullied her. If you know Demi's story it actually has a strong message to it. BUT otherwise, these guys did amazing ❤

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