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  1. According to Camila, she was just a shy typical Swiftie at this point jealous of her friend who got to touch Taylor’s hands. 😊 Amazing that now she’s an opening act for her (and our) idol. 💕

  2. You kill it every time with your voice and you got better at singing with every album. There wasn't a time where you couldn't sing, but you got better at as time went on. Now you are one of the greatest singer out there like Carrie Underwood. You are forever my favorite celeb. You aren't mean and stand offish like the other celebs seem to be. You are so giving, down to earth and just all around sweet and caring to everyone no matter who it is whether it is an animal or a human. Why does the media have to put so much shit on you?? I am sick of it. So lots of people write their own break-up songs like you, the reason you get picked on the most is your just better at it. You can make words rhyme that wouldn't normally rhyme, and you use metaphors and similes in a way we can understand and better than any other artist.

  3. How did she go from this to the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now, why oh cause she's dead?
    That's right the media made her who she is today. The old Taylor is still there, but barely because of all the bullying and crap she gets put through. She is still kills with kindness and I'll be forever grateful for that. People change because of certain things and that's why you can't judge people.

  4. Only poetic that it turns out to be more than 13, and it's so right that the woman who chose & invested so much in you when you were 13 will have you when you're more than that.

    How amazing it'd be if it'll turn out to be a match.

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