Tamar Braxton Gets Hype For First Beyonce Concert & Buys “APES–T” Outfit! || OTR II Los Angeles


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  1. Ohhh 😮 Hell Yeah it’s official now Beyoncé is definitely practicing extreme witchcraft. And I truly do believe that some sort of spell was directly casted onto the Majority of the media as well as we the public. Just think about it which it’s really kind of weird when u do think about the fact that even the people who she had beef with in the past still sing her praises & yet they all still attends her concerts

  2. Come on now really I cannot be the only one person you if so over tamarrow. The terror. Miss Evelyn to the whip her ass a lot more when she was a kid you know how to act this b** is out of control and that's why every opportunity is closing her face because America does not want to see those poor disgraceful dysfunctional distasteful behavior from any human being you would think by now she would get it this is what happens when you stuck on stupid

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