Taylor Swift copies Taeyeon?Out of the woods vs I(Kpop)


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  1. Look, I'm a Kpop fan & I think this is ridiculous. You need to have more than a string of MV clichés to make a case for plagiarism. Neither MV is original in their content. I will not subscribe & I'm voting thumbs down for wasting my time.

  2. Wolf,mountain,dried leaves,trees /hugging the tree,footprints on the snow/sand..dude Taylor Swift's song name is Out of The Woods….do you expect the music video to take place at the middle of New York or Manhattan???

  3. they came out 2 months apart. OOTW's was in production way before that. The last scene is the only semi similar thing. But the message of the songs since 2014 has been She lost him but she found herself. So if anything it may be the other way around

  4. Pls don't create unnecessary fanwar. The meaning of OOTW and I are same(Finding the real self)
    Btw, if you said Taylor copied Taeyeon, then did Taeyeon copied Taylor's Our Song video by sitting with flowers in Make Me Love You video?

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