Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do (Karaoke Version)


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  1. My parody

    Cringey life

    I look like a horror show but i dont get many LIKES and i am a big grind im the fool i dont like you to this day i hate veiws cuz i dont get Any veiws on my vids i have a cringey life But i got taller i got faster in the nick of time but i look like im from the dead and i do all the time i found a list of names and mine is in red underlinded Ooh look at my cringey life i have a cringey life oh i dont need or wish for this cringey life SKIPPS i like people but no one likes me i am the actress starring in my own dreams x4 im sorry the old Alice cant come to the phone right now why? Oh cuz shes a cringe. Thats the end i will be doing this video on youtube soon so👌 see ya.

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