Taylor Swift’s Reputation Analyzed | Album Series S1E1


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  1. not even 5 minutes in and i’m already bothered by something said in this video. taylor swift has had complete control over her career since she was 15. she left a label before that because they wouldn’t let her sing her songs. there’s no group of people who determines what the sound is gonna be for her next album. she decides everything herself. she wrote all the songs from reputation initially by herself on either the guitar/piano and then she took it to the studio to be produced. only worked with 3 other producers for this album. she runs the entire album with her label after it’s completely done. she’s always written about her life and in the past 3 years, she had experiences in her life that garnered a different sound from her music.

  2. and i dont think t was a change in direction cause of her age. if that were the case she wouldve went dark full on much earlier. taylor is a grown woman pushing 30, this music is still too immature for her age.

  3. lwymmd video was about: if the rumors about me were true and I truly am the person with this personality that media elaborately describes, this is how ridiculous It would all be. It's blank space 2.0 conceptually.

  4. I don't know if she really plays the "angel". She often goes for revenge in her songs rather than turning the other cheek, even in early days (see "Picture to Burn" music video). She also looked pretty fierce in most of her 1989 tour performances, it was definitely a noticeable chance from her previous tours when she was more fun and cute (although she did throw couches in her 2009 Fearless tour). "I Did Something Bad" seems like the next step in playing the role of Harbinger of Justice.

  5. Taylor released the making of a song for some of the songs on the album. so here they are:
    Delicate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQVhAN7-IAw&t
    Call It What You Want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y2rLs59JUc
    Gorgeous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu2Djx2ejlA

    She actually worked with a very small group of people on this album. she said she has 2 groups. one was with Max Martin and Shellback and the other was her and Jack Antanoff. also, Taylor is the one making the decisions. it's not a group of people sitting in the studio deciding what her album's gonna sound like. Taylor is in the helm of that. 🙂

  6. In Picture to Burn the off radio version she says she'll tell her friends the dude is gay and in "Better Than Revenge" she slut shames Camille whatever her name is "she's better known for the things that she does on the mattress"

  7. This album is New Coke. The taste is new and supposedly improved, but the fan backlash is fierce. Suddenly, back by popular demand, the triumphant return of Taylor Swift Classic to earth-shattering sales and pop culture immortality.

  8. Have you all ever discussed Mariah Carey before? She has written/co-written all her music, and her discography is extensive and she’s very specific to her ways of writing and producing. I feel like she would be a good person to talk about.

  9. 20:36 I'm not sure if either of you guys realized this since I'm commenting late (furthermore I don't know if you guys are even going to read this), but she has swore twice before IIRC. In the lyric "You never did gave a damn thing" in Cold as You from her debut album and in the lyric "He's so tall and handsome as hell" in Wildest Dreams from 1989. So I mean, she did swore before, but it was very, very rare.

    Everything else is interesting to listen to, though.

  10. I want you Cliff and Fredemann to know that, as a die hard swiftie and as a songwriter, I come back to this masterpiece you did together at least once a month. Also, I wanted to add that Taylor said in an interview (during the 1989 era, I think), that the one thing she feels she will always keep from what she learned in country music is storytelling.

  11. JACK ANTONOFF WROTE AND PRODUCED A LOT OF SONGS WITH ONLY TAYLOR WHY DIDN’T YOU TALK ABOUT HIM? (Getaway car, new year’s day, call it what you want, look what you made me do, etc.)

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