The 100 Greatest Soul Songs of the 70s Unforgettable Soul Music Full Playlist


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  1. This is classic, not a bad one in the bunch. It just brings back so many memories. My aunt teaching me the latest dance steps. I learn to dance from her. I give anything to go back and relive those days. Music made it wonderful to be a young teenager into a young man. You have your life ahead. nothing stopping you. That's what this music reminds me. now 58 I try to introduce this music to my granddaughter, she is eight. She tells me it's old school. I agree with her on that. But she is in tune with today's music. but grandpa sneaks in an oldie here and there. I see her in the mirror she is swaying to the sound. who knows there's hope.

  2. Why? What happened to us? My guess is this…rhythm is very powerful. We [all?] react to it perhaps instinctually. However words are extremely powerful. What does that have to do with Hip Hop and these presented/// earlier music styles? Words within song are very powerful. My suggestion is given that words in music are a bit of poetry…which expresses the writer's mindset from his/her culture. Your culture…my culture. Mindsets are the… values-moral fiber-experiences of the writer's environment [neighborhood [Hood]]. Hip-Hop expresses these realities… just like… any other era of life. Some Hip -Hop words are drug fueled, hate fueled, gang-tribal nasty $hit fueled and pathological, destructive concepts: the mindsets of many inner city populations. The JAILS are full! The opposite of this inner-city present day mindset is partially expressed in the songs on this video. Times were similar in a few ways for some but much different on the street back in the day. Less inmates..less gangs. One example: Chicago then and now. That's why! Suggested Conclusion: the music style you… enjoy… mirrors your mindset…unless you never heard of any other kind.

  3. I was born in 57 so I grew up with all this beautiful Wonderful music dancing partying at a very young age everyone cool with one another no fighting no GUNS this takes me way back good memories😊😉😊JJ

  4. Born in 1956. I remember jammin to this music at block parties outside of my grandmother's apt on 100th street in Harlem NY. I miss those days. Now my grandchildren are jammin to these same songs in my living room. LOL!!!

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