The 30 Greatest New Jack Swing Songs (1987-1993)


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  1. Wow i had no idea all these songs were considered a genre. New jack swing… this brings back so many memories as this music was basically the music of my teens. I spent every weekend at the roller rink jamming and skating to these songs.

  2. These are ALL great songs but they're NOT all New Jack Swing unless Teddy Riley produced it…..sorry!! I was around back then and if it didn't have Teddy's stamp on it, it's not new jack!!

  3. So for you only Bobby Brown is the best new jack?..even if was pretty good, but what about BoyzIIMen "thank u", Eternal "stay " and others.. But BoyzIIMen, Shanice, En Vogue, Whitney, Michael Jackson(new jack/pop) ,💙💙

  4. I see i commented on this video 4 years ago.. and now I found this video randomly again. As good as it gets. One big smash that got lost is the song ”new jack city” with Guy from the movie with the same name as the song. Make a part two! Growing up as a white kid in Sweden it wasn’t easy to hear these songs on the radio. Thank god for MTV of the 90’s.. Really miss those times. I think repeating Motownphilly and My prerogative almost broke the VHS player.. 😂

  5. I would omit "Night & Day" and "Hold On" from this list. Not really a new jack sound. Surprised you didn't put Today-Why You Gettin Funky One Me also TLC-Ain't Too Proud To Beg.Full Force-Ain't My Type Of Hype.

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