The AC/DC Solo Nobody Teaches!


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  1. Cool vid. You did a good job representing Angus.just forget about anyone getting his exact feel because its his exact feel. All you can do is get the spirit and flavor. SOmetimes the harder you focus on picking each micro exact note the less flavor you give the phrase. So good job once again. Ain’t no angus but angus. !

  2. Young man, it very well may be considered a felony in the rock n roll world to be playing and teaching Angus Young licks on a tele or any guitar while your SG sits and watches from the corner. It might even be considered rock n roll adultery. Nevertheless you did such a great job I’m sure you’ll be forgiven and pardoned. Really really good teaching! Very few people can pull off the licks on Back n Black in live settings. His vibrato is very challenging. Great job!

  3. Great breakdown man! Heh, heh…anyone think Angus put as much thought into playing it as we just did breaking it down? I think “nah,” he just played what felt right…it just flows from talented guys like that! 🤔✌🏻🎸

  4. Living up here in the great white north also known as canada …we dont see alot of cool cutting edge gear…ive never seen or played a friedman product…sounds very cool that tele deluxe…and ive been dying to try a friedman amp forever now….kinda sucks….but i do love canada.. sounds great man

  5. Thanks for this video – nice work. With the little fast run parts it would help to just play them through in time but super slow at least once. You play them either at full speed or disjointed by explanations of what each note is etc. I just mean for timing's sake it'd be good to hear it played slowly in time.

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