The-Dream On R. Kelly, Rihanna & Beyoncé Projects, Drake & Kanye Music + King Of R&B Talk


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  1. I normally enjoy Ebro’s interviews but this one was horrible. His questions lacked direction and he didn’t have control over the interview. Dream’s responses were all over the map and I had zero clarity on where he stood on anything. I could only get through half of it and I feel like I want that wasted time of my life back.

  2. i respect the philosophies and code of ethos that this man ascribe to and believes in. He speaks in the language of spiritualism and these are the guys whom i look up to. Genius!!! and very authentically spoken

  3. OJ got the pass because the white "system" tried to manipulate the process against him & got caught & lost.

    Dream is saying our culture has had so much taken from us that this R.Kelly situation becomes another black eye against our culture.

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