The Lumineers – The Ballad Of Cleopatra


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  1. I feel very sad this day. Because I'm thinking about the girl that I'm fall in love and this songs carry me many remember so I just wish that her to be very good and happy with her boyfriend :'( 😢

  2. This is one of the main reasons I love the Lumineers so much, they can take songs only using 3 or so chords, and say something beautiful with three chords

    The series starts off with "Sleep On The Floor." A young woman (Cleopatra) is in love with a guy. She plans on marrying this guy, but when her father unexpectedly passes away, and the guy she loves propses at a bad time while she is still grieving, she says no. The man hurt by the denial leaves her. In the video, it shows her boyfriend come over to her and whipser in her ear that he wanted to help her get out of the small town "or you may never make it out." A moment later while he is leaving, the video shows her split into two people. One person fufills her teen romance as she runs away with him, the other stays behind. The couple take a taxi with a woman which eventually becomes important to the story. The video then goes on to show the couple having all these cute adventures and eventually get married. In the middle of the video, the man convinces her to get this little tattoo on her arm which also comes important later. In the end of the video, it shows her lying down on a mattress on the floor, which is a line in multiple of the songs on the album.

    The next video in order is "Angela." In the beginning of the video, it shows a car pulling over to the side of the road. It then changes to a woman lying in bed looking very pregnant lying next to a man. The mattress is the same as the end of the first video, just not on the floor this time. The woman looks very sad. It then again shows her split into two different people and one of her stays in bed and forces a sad smile, the other walks over to the bathroom where you see the tatoo on her arm that the woman in the other video got confirming that they are the same woman. The woman than gets in the car and starts driving before pulling to the side of the road like the beginning of the video. Again you more clearly see the tatoo. She then drives to a hotel where she begins to dance in the parking lot before getting a room and staying the night. When she wakes up the next morning she gets in a taxi, yes, the same one as in the last video.

    In the third video "Cleopatra," the taxi driver is introduced. It begins with the woman walking out of the same hotel from the second video and getting in the taxi. The pregnant woman than hops in and it silently shows them riding along. It countinues to show the driver as she drives many people around. The driver who is an older looking woman seeming to be observing people. If you watch the story unfold you see, the couple from the first video get in and are cuddling in the same way as in the first video, and you see the woman from the second video also there, confirming that the taxi is not real and more is that same woman rethinking her life. Later in the video you see her stare at and smile towards the lead singer and the violinist, which seems to happen throughout the series. I have a theory that they are also people in her head too and not real people. As she turns from smiling at them, a guy gets into the front of the taxi, the same guy that is on all the pictures inside the taxi. You eventually figure out that it the kid she is pregnant with in the second video, when you see that she has the same tattoo confirming that the taxi driver is the same woman as in the first two videos. She spends the day with her son eating burgers and enjoyong the sun set. The video ends with her driving him to a house where she drops him off with an older guy. He hugs the son and takes him inside. Again the taxi driver splits into two people. One stays watching, the other hugs the man and they all walk inside. But before the man goes inside with her and the son he stops and takes a good look at the driver confirming that it is again her regretting her past decisions. The older man us confirmed to be the guy she was lying in bed with when she was pregnant in the second video. She had left him due to being unhappy and feeling unfufilled due to not having the life she could have had if she had run away with the guy from the first video. Due to feeling bad about the life she "could" have had after the first video, she ends up missing the life she could have had with her son and husband in the second video. But we're not done yet.

    The fourth song is "Ophelia." In the beginning of it, he is shown performing a small concert along with the violinist from all the other videos. The place is getting really chaotic when he himself splits into two people. One countines standing there looking unhappy with his life, the other leaves the building and begins dancing in the street. As he finishes dancing he gets into the taxi with the same woman from all the other videos. She drops him off at the same hotel from the other videos aftar a long talk that cannot be heard in the video. The idea behind the song was that "the building was not real but a metaphore for richness and popularity." When he split into two people it was showing two roads he could have gone down when the band became a big hit. On one hand it showed him unhappily performing in front of all of those people, the other was him dancing in the street. This is what I have theorized they were talking about in the taxi, the different paths that lead down different ways in life.

    The final song "My Eyes" then begins as he gets out of the car. It begins with her driving a much older woman. When she pulls over, a doctor comes to help her out of the car and grab luggage for her (this took me a while, but the doctors from this hopsital all make multiple cameos as people the driver drove around, or people at the concert or at the funeral in the begining or anywhere throughout the series.) The woman is then taken into a hospital. She beggins to unpack clothes in a tiny hopsital room. It is not said but implied that this is hospice and the woman is actually the same woman as all the other videos just older and now dying. She is talking to one of the nurses which is supposed to be line from the song Cleopatra, ("Now a nurse in white shoes, leads me back to my guest room. Its a bed and a bathroom, and a place for the end.") As the video countines it shows clips of her life as it ties a common story between all the womens lives throughout the series. As the video is ending, it shows the woman one last time split into two people, one is the older woman with a tear rolling down her cheeks alone siting in a wheel chair. The other is also her but she gets up out of there and walks out. As she does, she turns to a room where there is a woman stripping the sheets off a bed, it is the violinist who once again smiles at her. My thoery here is that she had died, on the bed and is now being taken away. She then turns and walks into a dark room where she sees a very dark void. She turns around as all the lights on the entire place are shutting down and all the doctors start dissapearing. She takes a second to take it all in before forcing a sad almost happy smile and walking into the black void. Im still stuck on this part where I think either she had died alone because something had happened to the son and father (probably they died or something tragic) or the building never exsisted it was once again all in her head. Either way it is the perfect way to cap off a truley sad yet very happy story line. This is possibly one of my favorite albums out there just because of how well thought out and planned it was. The moral of the story is that life is too short to wastd looking back on. Sometimes we make bad choices on our futurem but theres always more to look forward too. Live life and dont regret.

    This whole thing was my enterpreatation of it, there are many more out there.

  3. Everytime I see the begining of the Clip I just see someone else dancing like me in the street when I think I'm alone. We just feel the vibration of the song and it's the same vibration in my veins…
    I love The Lumineers since so many times…
    I still dont know why I've never commented before…

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