The Making of a Song: “Delicate” – watch more on Taylor Swift NOW


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  1. HA! Wrong Kayne you didn’t make Taylor famous she had talent and an incredible gift way before you pulled that lame stunt of yours. Her incredible work ethic her gift of song writing damn this woman is amazing and these videos she has shared just proves how wrong Kayne was to say what he did and all those who talk shit oh well live moves on ummm hello the old Taylor can’t make it to the phone right now oh coz she’s DEAD! new and even more improved version from that hate means nothing coz she’s focused on her passion and love for what she does ❤️💖💕Taylor your amazing I love you so much truly an inspiring soul and souring to new heights every time


  3. I love you sooo muuuuccch I have cry at one of you concert I whent to you New Orleans concert and I would fear which one of my friends and I saw you and it made me cry right at the beginning and I love don't bring any music machine come for my first Mississippi because that's where I live and so I really really really really really want to see you again!!!!!!😂😂😂😂 and I saw your new Netflix shows and I cannot wait to watch it I see all the trailers and I cried when I saw the first one so BYE your biggest fan I have been listening to your music from 10 years !!

  4. Taylor swift is the best and most talented singer ever it's really interesting watching her figure the lyrics out. No one can deny that she's really a wonderful songwriter luv u Taylor!!!!❤️❤️

  5. Ah the tower as I call her… Too bad she ain't got a twin… I'd hit both too! I mean affectionately … That threesome would be all about passion! I mean I love her delicate heart too but my so delicate that threesome would be the end of me RIP… Heart attack city!

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