Tom Walker – Leave a Light On (Official Video)


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  1. This song remember me that time when i got bullied and i was depressed. Now when i always hear this song it make me cry because i think about that time. But i can say one thing. If you survive depression, you are strong person. Actually one of my bullies is my best friend now. And once he told me that he understood that how much it hurts me and stop bullying me so he came into my side. I still got flashbacks about my bullying. I know Its hard to build my trust to my best friend but after that day, he always been in my side. So Its easy to trust him. But still after 3 years i got scars of bullying. Im still building the trust with my best friend and old bully but im sure i i can do it! (Sorry for my bad english, i Cant do anything for that)
    Edit 1: I hope someone even gonna see this 🙁

  2. This song has been no repeat on and off for weeks. So much emotion involved. Going through some difficult times and I like playing this when I've hit a bad low or even when i'm feeling strong again. It's just so powerful.

  3. Tom you're great☺….i wish you will have a very successful and brilliant career. I think it will also be in the future because you started in the better way😊Thanks for these magnificent lyrics and please don't stop to delight us with your fantastic voice and magic music.Best wishes,you're full of talent💪

  4. Quiero dedicar está bella canción. Para una hermosa persona que he conocido por casualidades del destino. Y quiero que sepa que aquí me tendrá siempre que quiera que esté en su vida. Que esos bellos ojos nunca dejen de brillar y que esa hermosa risa siempre la pueda escuchar. Como tú siempre me has dicho la vida son dos días y debemos aprovecharla y disfrutarla ☺️. 😙😙😙😙

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