Top 10 Ed Sheeran Songs


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  1. My Favorite Top Ten Ed Sheeran Songs as of 2018
    1. Kiss Me
    2. Sing
    3. Thinking Out Loud
    4. Castle on the Hill
    5. Don’t
    6. All of the Stars
    7. Galway Girl
    8. Photograph
    9. Shape of You
    10. Give Me Love

  2. Okay So I love ed sheeran I looooove him And here is My top 10

    -10- gold rush
    -9- Lego house
    -8- thinking out loud
    -7- cold coffee
    -6- lay it all on me
    -5- bloodstream
    -4- perfect
    -3- photograph
    -2- supermarket flowers
    -1- Little bird

    I Just love ed sheeran And I feel like I am in love And talking to My crush when I hear his songs So thats why❤️❤️❤️

  3. Top 5 Ed Sheeran Songs In My Opinion:
    #5 – Thinking Out Loud – This song is perfect for your lady if you are those who are men, trust me, this song is perfect for any girl who I think would be considered beautiful or just a girl I would feel lovestruck to. It's really heartwarming, and I don't care if it's a cutesy sappy song, it's perfect the way it is already.
    Fun Fact: This was my first song listening to Ed Sheeran as an American myself.

    #4 – Shape of You – Damn, that song is too jamming and unforgettable to get out of your head, even if you're in the 2010's yourself. This is the song I liked from him in 2017, his later song Perfect maybe sweet, but Shape of You is somewhat awesome.

    #3 – LEGO House – Remember playing with LEGOs as a kid and today? Ed Sheeran has that covered for you.

    #2 – Photograph – Just too heartwarming and memorable to forget, never will I forget this song. It's too sweet, too heartwarming, and too calm and relaxing to get out of your head. No matter how much I love to play it again, it still keeps me happy.

    and #1 – Castle on the Hill – Without a doubt the best Ed Sheeran song of all time. The lyrics are magnificent, the beat is groovy, and there's everything too good about this song.

    Honorable Mentions:
    – The A Team.
    – Don't Fuck With My Love.
    – Supermarket Flowers.
    – Perfect.

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