Top 10 Michael Jackson Music Videos


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  1. My top 10 Michael Jackson music videos according to me are: –
    1.Human nature
    2.i just can't stop loving you
    3.Wanna be starting something
    4.The girl is mine
    5.P.Y.T pretty young thing
    6.Off the wall be mine
    8.the lady in my life
    9.working day and night
    10.this time around

  2. Who so ever would come in music industry then, now or further, MJ's gonna be the king of whole music industry. No artist has calibre to come even near to MJ's aura. He'll be missed eternally forever 👑🔥

  3. My favorites:

    1.Earth Song and Black or White (tied)
    Honorable Mentions: Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough, They Don’t Really Care About Us, and Leave Me Alone
    4.Billie Jean
    5.Man in the Mirror
    6.Beat It
    7.Smooth Criminal
    8.You Are Not Alone
    9.The Way You Make Me Feel
    10.Dirty Diana

  4. My Top 10 Videos:
    10. They Don't Care About Us (Brazil Version)
    9. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
    8. Remember The Time
    7. You Are Not Alone
    6. Beat It
    5. Thriller
    4. Bad
    3. Smooth Criminal
    2. Black Or White (Extended Version With Panther Dance)
    1. Billie Jean

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