Top 20 Demi Lovato Songs


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  1. 1- Skyscraper
    2- Warrior
    3- Don't Forget
    4- For The Love Daughter
    5- Nightgale
    6- Stone Cold
    8-In Case
    9-This Is Me
    10- Two Pieces
    11- Father
    12- Lion Heart
    13- Belive In Me
    14- Catch Me
    15- Heart Attack
    16- Without The Love
    17- Give Your Heart A Break
    18- Made In The USA
    19- Really Don't Care
    20- Neon Lights
    Lovatic Forever

  2. I think Lionheart is really underrated and underappreciated. Personally, that's my favorite song from the Confident album. I find myself listening to that one more than the others on the album. Glad to see someone else loves it, too!

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