Tuba Skinny – “Blue Moon of Kentucky”


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  1. I do not monetize my channel, I do this strictly for the love of the music and to spread the word about these wonderful traditional jazz bands performing in New Orleans. The ad was placed by the owner of the copyright to the song, probably Acuff-Rose Publishing.

  2. Simply, amazing. No, no! Totally unbelievable is more like it. The way everybody in this group communicates without so much as saying a word . You guys must use mental telepathy to do what you do so well, to keep this all going, and so tight, no one misses a beat, nor drops a note. What makes this all work even better, is that everyone is treated as an equal here and given their moment to shine in all their songs played. What this world could be, if only everyone alive was treated in this way. Ewan does such a great job on his turn, but I do miss John Doyle and his great Tenor Sax. I read on another U-Tube video, that John may have left the group, gotten married and moved away, so sorry if that is so. Awesome group you are, Tuba Skinny, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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