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  1. Very much anointed! As I'm listening sitting here holding my wife's hand as I wait for Jesus to take her home I am pouring my heart out to Papa. This is so comforting, I can feel His presence so strongly! Thank you for your obedience to the Lord and sharing this absolutely beautiful music!

  2. Have you not known. have you heard the everlasting God..The lord.The Creator of the ends of the Earth.Neither Faints Nor is weary..His Understanding is unsearchable..he gives power to the weak.And to those who have no might .he increases Strength .Isaiah 40:28:92-NKJV

  3. I am enjoying this on the first day of a new year as I start my new prayer journal notebook (my old one just happened to run out of paper on Dec. 31st). Anyway, for the new year, I have decided to add background music to my time with the Lord; this will be a part of my playlist. Thank you and God Bless!

  4. I was so sad about the exam earlier, and now looking for new strategy to concentrate and I found this. Now, my heart was crying because of the Joy that God gives to me right now. It gives me chills and I decided to surrender it to God all my worries. Whoever in pain, God is with us! Lets keep trusting and REPENT. GODBLESS YOU ALL! GOODLUCK TO YOUR EXAMS AND EVERYDAY CHALLENGE. KEEP FIGHTING WITH HIM ❤️

  5. My 6 y/o kid always asked for music to sleep, so I started playing loolabies on youtube, then he asked me to pray God for him to stop having nightmares, and I started praying for that, but the nightmares didn't go. Until one night I felt unconfortable by the loollabies music, I searched for worship music and found this music. My kid's nightmares disapeared he evem forgot about it and everynight we listen to this musoc. Blessings thank you.

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