Vai Malandra (Official Music Video)(reaction) Anitta, McZaac, Maejor ft. Tropkillaz & DJ YuriMartins


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  1. I love the channel of you boys, Anitta with this clip mentioned all the references in the Brazilian favelas (peripheries).
    And at the end of the clip means you are leaving the favela to the world… it shows nothing more than our culture, We love Anitta. Success for you. Affection of a Brazilian fan!♡♡

  2. Love from Brazil, guys! 😘 You are getting popular in our country. People are willing to understand what you say, LOL. Well, this video shows a lot, her roots and a stop on the beauty padron rules in Brazil… Which are Photoshopped asses and bleached straight hair (more like an European padron somehow), surprisingly. She was the first artist with mostly or entirety mulata (mixed between black and white) dancers in her ballet. I love her too.

  3. Anitta is born and raised in a poor community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She can sing and dance many rhythms. In this videom Anitta goes back to her roots on funk (which is a Brazilian genre really popular) shooting it in a favela. The tapes on the body are commonly used at this places for making better tan lines. She is also known for her engagement in women and lgbt cause that’s why the huge diversity on her videos.

  4. Brazilian favelas are never this cool, if you even look like you have a little bit of money you will probably get dragged out your house, robbed and decapitated by the red commando, or just a bunch of fucking duggies do the same. Brazil is dangerous and favelas are even worse.

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