Vocal Coach Reaction to Taylor Swift’s Most Powerful Vocals


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  1. I really like Taylor Swift so… but the biggest complaint I've heard (beyond just people's preferences) is that sometimes even on albums and things, she'll breath after basically every line where a lot of people would finish a phrase or whatever

  2. Honestly,taylor has so much respect from me.she has worked hard since the beginning of her career.she didnt make fans overnight.she engaged with her fans throughout her career.she respects her fans so much.she is a decent person.

  3. It's really hard to control your breathing when you're dancing, running or anything physically demanding. It's just physiology, so I don't really get why so many singers still try to dance at the same time and sing. You have dancers – dancing is their talent. Let me listen to your voice in the best condition that it can be. I came to a concert not dance contest, I don't care if you can or cannot dance.

  4. Not comparing, but when you were listing people that can sing and dance/move I couldn't help but remembering the "Love on top" performance by pregnant Beyoncé. I would love to see you reacting to it. (Sorry my bad english, it's not my mother language)

  5. What I love about her is that she really sings with emotions and is still able to keep a really good performance. Emotions + moving around = high amount of energy. Can still sing really well and give out a really good performance = outstanding singer a.k.a Taylor Alison Swift.

    And I really agree with your statement : "her outfits are always on point."

  6. I only have 3 artists that I am majorly stuck with. Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams and Brendon Urie. I loveeeee all of them. So far Brendon and Hayley both sound the same live and in record 🔊 but Taylor Swift's tour is always the bomb. It feels like watching superbowl performances but 1000000x much better. Lyrically I'd pick Taylor and Paramore ofc. Vocal wise I'd pick Brendon.

  7. I’ve always loved her music. To me, she used to be terrible live and I just couldn’t stand listening to her live performances for so long years ago, but this shows she’s gotten waaaaaaay better… thank goodness.

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