Voice Teacher Reacts to LP – Lost on You


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    P. S I sing and i have learned so much about tricks and tips about voice so keep doing what you do. You are so good at explaining. Seeing that you react to my favourite singer makes me so happy.

  2. YOOOOOO i was one of probably many who requested lp thank uuuu im glad u enjoyed her shes incredible

    In RE: if this is hard for her, she tours non stop day after day and sings like this and never sounded like she was losing her voice. In her europe tour i was at one of her last stops and she sounded as good there as she does here. Its speculation for sure but imo it looks harder than it actually is for her bc iv never seen any recording of her live perfs where she doesnt sound just like this

  3. The PSA in the end was really good for people who are starting now, but really LP has been in the music industry for many years, she not only knows her way of singing is sustainable, she's actually been sustaining it. Most of the things that she does with her voice are stylistic choices and that's what makes her music so unique. Just the same way as she started including the whistles in her songgs cause she realized she could whistle really well to the point of doing it in every performance with no problems. I think that for an artist who's so used to impress people with her singing, her visual style and her lyrics, she takes a lot in consideration to do live performances well 🙂

  4. Wow, she is so amazing. Her voice is very unique and I love it. She impressed me so much that I bought her last three albums on Amazon as soon as I heard her sing. I wish I could find her first two though. Does anyone know where I can get them?

  5. "Slaps the face of tradition" Exactly. A friend sent me the LoY vid a couple of months ago . I went from WTF, to OMG, to Holy shit! And immediately started searching for everything LP. I've since turned many musician and non- musician friends on to her. Her voice, her performance and her persona are mesmerizing!

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