Why Does Beyonce’s Voice Make Me So EMOTIONAL??


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  1. Actually beyoncé was trained with The bel canto technique, which is thought to opera singers ! That’s where she got her impeccable technique from ….She’s the best mezzo in the industry by far

  2. Zap




    Really cringey 😁😁

    I love you so bloody much

    My definet inspiration

    Lots of love from Scotland xxxxx I really want ( sorry) need to meet you one day.
    I know you won't reply but you are just so amazing, inspiration,beautiful,crazy and my favourite

  3. Sorry for the late comment because my last account was hacked😢and now i made a new one.. Zane?? Can you react to morissette amon singing to " rise up "?? Hehe if you read this comment pls let me know because my class starts at june 13th and im nervous😂this is me again, the one who liked your photos on instagram😂 and can you make a video how to register the chest register, if that made sense, haha i always watch your vids! Lavya

  4. Beyonce actually always had a singing coach. She worked with David Lee Brewer from around age 7-9 till she was like 18 or something. Then worked with Linda Septein and later Tom McKinney (- who I have the pleasure of working with now). Tom is incredible! Technique and years of practise is the key to her outstanding abilities.

  5. I have a cover suggestion 😝 I think you'll sing this song beautifully; What Is Love by V. Bozeman. I could honestly hear your soft sweet gentle voice singing this song 😍🙌 there's one really big high not though & I don't want you to stress your voice with it but if you could just sing a bit of that song, ahh I'd love it 😜❤

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